Hi, and welcome.


I’m the JCR President and I’m responsible for organising the JCR Exec and representing the JCR at College and University Meetings. So what exactly is the JCR? JCR stands for Junior Common Room and is a physical room where students can socialise and generally have fun. It’s also the name for what is essentially the student union for Undergraduates at Queen’s. If you’re a prospective student, find out more about life at Queen’s here; if you’re a current student, get sorted here.

The JCR Executive (or Exec for short) consists of approximately 30 members of the JCR who run for election to represent their fellow students. Each member of the Exec has a specific role (e.g. Charity Rep, Entertainment Rep, Treasurer, etc.) that they focus on. On top of meetings we attend, we also organise many different events throughout the year covering lots of different interests (e.g. Arts, Sports, Environmental awareness, food, etc.).

The JCR Exec acts as a vehicle for change. We act closely with members of College Staff, the MCR (Middle Common Room) and the SCR (Senior Common Room) to ensure that we create an inclusive, fair and fun environment for everyone within the College community.

If you have an idea or you would like to suggest something, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with either me or any member of the Exec. You can do so here.

Andy Russell