Meet the Team

Alfie Mowse


Aqsa standing with her hands up in peace signs and her tongue out. She wears a Queen's College puffer jacket and a crossover bag. She is standing in Birmingham Christmas market. You can see lots of people and stalls behind her, everything is lit up with Christmas lights.

Aqsa Lone

Vice President

Arthur is smiling down at the camera, holding a white and orange striped cat which is also looking down at the camera.

Arthur Carpenter


Charlotte dressed in sub fusc, holding her cap, stood smiling in the cloisters of Queen's front quad.

Charlotte Forrest

Environment & Ethics Rep

Luke at the Queen's Christmas Dinner, wearing a blue paper hat from a cracker and drinking a glass of red wine, while looking suspiciously at the camera.

Luke Geoghegan

Academic & Careers Rep

Mukahang in a white shirt, holding a bunch of white flowers which are covering his mouth.

Mukahang Limbu

Male Welfare Rep

Seren wearing a dark green zipped up hoodie, with her hair down and smiling.

Seren Ford

Female Welfare Rep

Kyla is sat, leaning on a table, smiling. She is wearing glasses and a white T-shirt with black writing, which is largely covered by her hair.

Kyla Thomas

Access & Outreach Rep

Sophie is smiling at the camera. She is in the right side of the frame and the background is bright behind her. You can see the street with some cars and a white building. She is drinking from a cup.

Sophie Jordan

Class/Socioeconomic Rep

Nafisah is wearing a deep red top, and a black hijab. She is smiling at the camera.

Nafisah Tabassum

Minority Ethnic Rep

Annie (left) and Bethan (right) sat at a table with a white tablecloth in the Randolph hotel during the MedSoc Ball. A fillet of salmon is on Annie's plate. Both are smiling.

Annie Roberts & Bethan Storey


AJ (a red-haired girl) wearing subfusc and sitting on a tree-trunk chair after matriculation.

AJ Shaw

Disabilities Rep

Ibraheem Al-obaidi


Ying in a blue playsuit with pink flowers standing on a river bank. She is smiling at the camera.

Ying Wong

Sports Rep

Maddie at a QCBC dinner, wearing a black dress with a white jacket.

Maddie Dearman

Charities Rep

Charlotte (left) and Katie (right) taking a selfie, with Charlotte pouting and doing a peace sign, while Katie sticks her tongue out.

Charlotte Murphy & Katie Belok

Food Reps

Arthur Tang

Internationals’ Rep

Baris Tuncay

Internationals’ Rep

Emily Thompson & Tasha Fragapane

Entz Reps

Marcus Roberts & Zahra Alawoad

Bike Reps

Marcie Bamber & Ella Farmer

Social Secs

Tave Bathurst


Gracie Wilson

Equalities Rep

Stephanie Norse

Women*’s Rep