Welfare @ Queen’s

The Queen’s College provides an excellent variety of support services for its JCR members, some of which are detailed below. Contact details for the Exec. members are provided here and at the bottom of the page.

Welfare Officers

Your first port of call can always be the two JCR Welfare Officers, Freddie Pattisson and Jess Edwards, who you can contact by e-mail, phone or even by paying them a visit. They will be available if you have a specific problem that you want to talk over, or if you simply want a chat. Even if they are unable to help you with a specific issue, Freddie and Jess can certainly put you in contact with someone else within college or the university who will be better able to help you.

Welfare Events

The JCR Welfare Team also organises welfare events throughout the year, particularly in the 5th week of every term and throughout Trinity. The “5th week blues” is said to be a common Oxonian affliction, but we say NAE, 5th week shall be known as “2nd Freshers’ week” where we shall have events galore to have a break from academic life. Go out for a massive curry together? We will. Have free hot chocolate, tea and toast every day? We shall. Have a children’s party, complete with a juggler? You betcha’, we got it. Essentially the welfare team are here for you no matter what.


In addition to the 5th week extravaganza (formerly known as 5th Week Blues) large number of undergraduates at Queen’s will sit exams during Trinity term and so freshers and finalists alike may feel in need of some light relief. Therefore, the welfare and peer-support teams will be on hand to help and weekly chill-out events should help to mellow pre-exam stress. These events can include film-nights, ice-skating, yoga and the ever popular welfare brunch (free food is essential).

Welfare Supplies

Further to providing support for Queen’s undergraduates, Freddie & Jess also supply welfare provisions to members of the JCR. There are freely dispensing condom machines in the BQ 3 toilet, in the laundry room on the 2nd floor in Florey and in the Cardo laundry room, which they are responsible for filling and if you ever find that it’s empty, pidge either Freddie or Jess and the machine will be filled as soon as possible. The welfare reps. can also provide supplies such as condoms, lubricant, pregnancy tests and reimbursement of the morning after pill, delivered discreetly and anonymously to your pidge. All you need to do is contact them and they’ll sort everything out :)


In addition to the two welfare reps., our LGBT* Rep. is Matt Davies. He is available to provide advice and support to students and will be running LGBT events throughout term. Moreover, he can help you get involved with the university LGBT activities if you wish. As with Freddie and Jess, if Matt can’t resolve your query or issue, then he will be able to direct you towards someone who can.

Peer Supporters

Complementing the newly extended welfare team, Queen’s has an exceptional peer support network, consisting of 6 genuinely lovely people who are there for you to talk to about any problems you may have. Each of them has excellent knowledge of the university support system along with professional training in how best to help you. You can read more about the peer support system here. Applications for training as a peer supporter usually open in early Trinity and unless you have an exam-free second year, it’s probably easier to undertake the training as a fresher.


As with many welfare services across the university, any conversation with the JCR welfare team will be treated as completely confidential, unless you unequivocally state that you’re willing for the conversation to be shared with someone else. The only circumstances in which confidentiality can be breached without consent is if there is a serious risk to yourself of another and there is then a need for experienced and professional help. If this is the case then the matter will always be discussed with you prior to confidentiality being breached.

Welfare Love,

Freddie, Jess and the Welfare Team x


Freddie: frederick.pattisson@queens.ox.ac.uk

Jess:  07801916966   or   jessica.edwards@queens.ox.ac.uk



*(lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender)

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Simplified Harassment Guide

What is harassment?
- Feeling that someone else has created an environment for you that is intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, offensive, stressful or unpleasant.
- Feeling distress or annoyance that disrupts your work and quality of life.
- Feeling that you can’t put a stop to the harassment because of a difference in status (real or perceived).

Forms of harassment include:
- Insensitive jokes and pranks
- Offensive gestures, language, rumours, gossip, jokes
- Suggestive comments and body language
- Unwelcome sexual advances
- Insulting, threatening, embarrassing, patronising comments
- Lewd comments on appearance
- Isolation or exclusion
- Verbal and physical abuse.

This list is not exhaustive. Harassment can be one-off or repeated. Just because some behaviour might be acceptable to the harasser, it does not mean that it is not harassment.
Being under the influence of alcohol is not an excuse for harassment, and in fact will be taken as an aggravating factor.


What can you do?
Make an informal complaint
- Talk to a confidential helper of your choice – e.g. Welfare Reps, Equalities Rep, JCR/MCR President
- Make it clear to the harasser that their behaviour is unwelcome and that they should stop
- You can also speak to our Equalities Advisor Keyna O’Reilly for confidential advice and assistance

Make a written, formal complaint
- Before doing so, you should speak to Keyna first
- The written complaint can include: name of alleged harasser, nature of alleged harassment, dates and times when it occurred, any action already taken to try to stop the alleged harassment
- Formal complaints should be directed to different people based on who the alleged harasser is:

i. Against another student: Dean (Jane Mellor)
ii. Against a member of academic staff: Senior Tutor (Chris Norbury)
iii. Against a member of non-academic staff: Home Bursar (Linda Irving-Bell)

- The Dean/Senior Tutor/Home Bursar will then invite you to a meeting to discuss the matter. You have the right to be accompanied by a confidential helper. Anyone involved in the investigation is expected to act in confidence, and any breach of confidence will be treated as a disciplinary matter.

Li Li Tan
Equalities Rep 2012/13
This is a summary of the Queen’s College Harassment Code of Practice, aimed at members of the JCR. Please feel free to provide feedback, or report any errors/discrepancies.

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Apply for a Grant

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, there are two providers of grants within Queen’s.

The first is the Student Finance Committee (SFC) which meets twice a term. Please contact the College Office, a JCR Welfare Rep, the Treasurer or the President for more information and guidance on how to make an application.

The second is the JCR Hardship Fund (JCRHF), which can grant between £50-100. If you wish to apply for the JCRHF, please download and complete this form and pidge/email it to a JCR Welfare Rep, the Treasurer or the President. Alternatively, please email the completed form to welfare@queens.ox.ac.uk.

All enquiries, information provided and any applications to both the SFC and the JCRHF will be treated as completely confidential.


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The Queen’s Literary Society

The Literary Society started up at the end of Trinity 2012, and aims to promote literary discussion and literary events within the College, allowing students and tutors of all subject disciplines to share their enthusiasms.

We tend to hold one main speaker event each term, and have thus far hosted speakers such as Ben Markovits and Christopher Priest. Film screenings, play readings, and literary discussions are among other events we have already held, or plan to hold in future terms.

Partly an outcome of the recent increase in English Literature intake at Queen’s, we exist to cater for the interests of those who love to read, as well as those who take an interest in writing.

The society is loosely structured, with the opportunity for involvement from all members of College. Please contact either Jonah Miller or Naomi Aylwin if you are interested in getting involved in any way. Get in touch if you would like to help organise the society this year or next, or if you have any ideas for events, or requests for speakers.

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The Queen’s Rambler

The Queen’s Rambler is a termly magazine for fiction written by you, the members of Queen’s. We tend to include mainly short stories and poetry but all forms are welcome, provided the piece is under 1500 words. If your submission is included you can choose to be named, anonymous or use a pseudonym. To submit, or ask any questions, email or pidge one or both of the editors (Kitty Ho, kitty.ho@queens.ox.ac.uk, and Jonah Miller, jonah.miller@queens.ox.ac.uk). Also, we are looking for new editors and an illustrator to take over this Trinity, so if you are interested, get in touch!

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Internationals @ Queen’s

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Hey undergrads! My name’s Queenie Chan, your friendly international rep at Queen’s! Simply put, I’ve got a very international background myself: Swedish-Norwegian nationality, lived in five countries in two continents so far, and have only attended international schools. With this background, I hope I’m in a good position to raise awareness about internationalism at Queen’s and be there for fellow international students throughout the year. On this page is some general useful information about international stuff, but if you ever need my help, I encourage you to send me an email (queenie.chan@queens.ox.ac.uk).

International love :)

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Useful Links

OUSU’s International Fresher’s Guide 2012

The International Fresher’s Guide published by the Oxford University Student Union.

The University’s advice: Admissions

Especially useful for international applicants! See what information the University has to provide about an education at Oxford and other things to know before coming here.

International Student Societies: OxfordUni @ groupspaces.com

The Oxford Student Societies community is a vibrant one, and consists of a lot of internationally-themed ones as well! Check the link to get a taste of what’s here (hint: the best is to ask around because societies don’t always keep a webpage).

Language Centre: www.lang.ox.ac.uk

Ever wanted to pick up a new language? Or do you need to hone your English skills for life at Oxford? Then the University’s language centre is a useful place to look!

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Moving in

Moving to university may be a challenge, but international students also have that extra load of starting a new life in a whole different country by themselves. This is one of the main issues the JCR attempts to aid international students with.

During Freshers’ Week, it has become a tradition to hold an International Students’ Shopping Trip. This is a great opportunity for international freshers at Queen’s to get to know each other and buy essential supplies the flight to England couldn’t carry, as well as just getting tips about the city before the busy term starts.

Two useful tools for international students to look at before arriving are:

We are actively working on making the transition to university life easier for internationals by e.g. fighting for your right to move in a couple days earlier to settle issues like banking, phone contracts, jetlag etc. JCR reports will update you on these matters!

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International students, like any others students, are hard to put into one category; some may be well-travelled, others may never have left their country until now, some attended local schools, others come from international schools. I aim to let you feel at home at Queen’s, whatever your background.

Besides letting international students know there are others in the same situation as themselves, it is also important to spread awareness to non-international students about international issues at university, and ultimately to build a bridge between these two “groups” to create an integrated student body.

You will therefore find events throughout the year that either help international students exclusively or aim to bring international and UK students together. Check the JCR’s Term Card for dates!

International Dinners

One of the great things Oxford has to offer is its international cuisine. There is really a lot this city has to offer, from the well-known English-based chains like Wagamama’s, to the curry houses of Cowley and lots of other more “authentic” treats. Anyone is welcome to join in on these restaurant tours, and I hope to make them happen quite often, so we get a proper taste of what’s out there. Expect an email or two about this during term!

WILD/Equalities week

Look out for events for the general Equalities week this Hilary Term! Plans are to have international film screenings, food from around the world, and a discussion about contemporary issues, such as “Is it racial discrimination to call someone a term based on their ethnicity?” Check the Term Card for dates!


Other events will crop up during the terms. Email me with any event suggestions you may have and I’ll see what I can put together!


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Navigate the university websites

All of Oxford’s websites are accessed using your Oxford Single Sign-On username and password (quee**** & password).



Weblearn is the central online portal in Oxford. Different subjects will upload different things: lecture notes, reading lists, handbooks, lecture lists or exam reports may all be uploaded. Login using your SSO. The sub-sites, which correspond to subjects, can be found on the left of the page. In the centre of the page, there are ‘Getting Started’ guides which will help to find your course material on Weblearn.



OxCort can also be accessed through logging into Weblearn. The link is in the top left of the page, beneath the University of Oxford logo.

OxCort is where termly reports will be uploaded. Click on ‘OxCORT Live System’ link in the blue box on the right of the page. Click on ‘View tutorial reports’ in order to see what reports have been uploaded and read them.



OXAM can also be accessed through logging into Weblearn. The link is in the top left of the page, beneath the University of Oxford logo.

OXAM is where previous examination papers are stored online. There are two search options: ‘Free Text Search’ and ‘Search by Course’. If you wished to search for French papers, you could either type ‘French’ into the ‘Free Text Search’ or choose a French paper from the drop-down menu in ‘Search by Course’.



Self-Service can also be accessed through logging into Weblearn. The link is in the top left of the page, beneath the University of Oxford logo.

Self-Service is essentially where all your personal and academic information is stored. If your contact details change, for example, you’ll need to update your profile by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ link on the right of the page. Every year on the anniversary of your course, re-register using the ‘Online Registration’ link (you will be reminded to by email!). The ‘Academic & Assessment Information’ link will provide you with your academic details, entries for assessments and any special arrangements. The ‘Academic & Assessment Results’ link will show the results of any public examinations, but again, you will be given the link via email.



SOLO can also be accessed through logging into Weblearn. The link is in the top left of the page, beneath the University of Oxford logo.

SOLO is the search engine for all the libraries in Oxford. Enter the name of at book, select a library from the drop-down menu if you wish and hit search. If you wish to search Oxford’s journal collections, many of which are online, click the ‘Journal Articles’ tab above the search bar, and then type in your query. There are advanced search options to the right of the search button. It may be necessary to sign on to access certain informatio; the login button is in the top right. In order to check your account and any due dates, select the ‘My Account’ button in the top right of the page. There are also SOLO video tutorials available in the bottom right of the homepage.


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JCR and The Community


Hello and welcome to the JCR and the Community page! My name is Molly Gilmartin and I am the Charity Rep for Queen’s over the next two terms!

Queen’s JCR has a great passion for supporting both local and international causes throughout the year. Termly husts take place where charities are put forward by JCR members and then a vote takes place before a few different charities are selected. This page will explain how Queen’s is involved in charities itself and also will explain the different parts that make up the university-wide charity scene!

Over the next two terms there are lots of fun plans for progressing the impact Queen’s has had on the charity front so keep an eye out for lots of things to get involved in and if you are interested in helping out as part of the Charity Team over the two terms for any of the events then please let me know!

So how does Queen’s link into the university wide charity work?

Essentially, within Queen’s, we run our own events fundraising for and supporting causes that the Queen’s JCR votes for and chooses. Then overall, the university wide RAG (Raise and Give) exists and also the Oxford Hub. Charity support within Queen’s and Oxford University, does not always involve giving money but also about supporting through giving up a bit of your time. However, over the next few terms, I am hoping to organise a few charity College events that will give everyone a chance to get involved in some fun whilst doing some good for the JCR-selected causes. Therefore the charity work that Queen’s does, whilst with many of the same aims, is separate to the larger scale university wide work. However, as charity rep, I will be keeping you up to date on any charity-related events going on – University and College related!

What is the Oxford Hub and how do I get involved? 

The Oxford Hub is a university-wide organisation helping connect students with good causes. Whether you are interested in helping out at a local homeless shelter, teaching English in China over the summer, campaigning with Oxfam, getting a career in the Third Sector, or any other kind of charitable activity then the Hub is the place to go.
The Hub runs projects locally as well as putting on events and major conferences (on issues ranging from international development, to climate change, to social enterprise), and is the centre of a vast network consisting of Oxford groups such as Amnesty Internation, Oxfam and RAG.
If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you, please follow this link and enter your email address to sign up to The Week, OxHub’s weekly newsletter which gives you a roundup of all the opportunities that the Hub and its affiliated groups have to offer. If you are particularly interested in issues to do with Human Rights and International Development, please emailrightsanddevelopment@oxfordhub.org to be signed up to the weekly R&D newsletter too!

Queen’s Link with Isis House

Queen’s has a strong link with Isis House in Oxford with residents of Isis House visiting the College for tea and Evensong. After successfully securing extra funding to support this work, we are looking forward to making this an even more regular occurrence. When the next visit is finalised, you will be updated by email and anyone that would like to get involved in facilitating these events, just get in touch!

Charity Formal and Bop

Each term, one of the Saturday Formals will be dedicated to the JCR charities and often a Bop each term too with the famous Charity Cocktails being a great fundraising method!

The Queen’s Club

This is a new initiative being set up this term that is open to all students but with only 250 membership places available. Membership costs £2.50 a month with monthly prize draws of a wide range of prizes and a £100 monthly cash prize. Member only events will also run throughout term. Sign up week will take place all through 2nd week with a sign up stall outside lunch, JCR tea and both dinner sittings each day so don’t miss out! All profits go to the JCR charity fund.

Sign up available 2nd week only! 


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Get in Contact!

Hello! I’m Emelia, the current Access and Outreach Rep, and I would LOVE it if you got in contact with any questions you might have. (That photo is not me, though. Just so you know)

You can email me on jcr.access@queens.ox.ac.uk; ‘like’ our facebook page for updates on what’s going on in and around college and other things to do with applying on www.facebook.com/queenscollegeoxford; or ring the admissions office for any more immediate concerns on 01865 279161.

If you want to come and visit it at any point it would be great if you could let us know so we can do you a tour; in the Summer there are also informal open days throughout the term – check out the College website (www.queens.ox.ac.uk) for more details – and the main university Open Days when we are open all day, on 26th and 27th June 2013, and 20th September 2013.

Good luck if you’re applying, and feel free to contact me: I am the most enthusiastic and chatty person ever so I would simply delight in any emails which might come whizzing my way.

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Alternative Prospectus

Alternative Prospectus Take a look at the alternative prospectus, a guide written for applicants by current students, hopefully containing any information you should desire – but if not also all the contact details needed to ask someone if you have any questions.

Student Profiles Here are some of our current undergraduates, with a little bit of information about their course and why they chose Queen’s, which will hopefully demonstrate what a lovely bunch we are!


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Women @ Queen’s

Hi, I’m Mary. As Women’s Rep, I’m here as a point of call for any women in Queen’s that feel like they have been discriminated against. In this University environment I should like to think this sort of thing is rare, however it is important appropriate measures are in place in case it does happen. I’m also here for any other womanly needs including pregnancy tests, condoms, morning after pill etc. Find me in person, or email me (tasha.levine@queens.ox.ac.uk).

More broadly, we are aiming to give the role of Women’s Rep new life – to bring members of college together and liven the level of debate.  We want events that will inspire. Speakers that show us how to overcome difficulty, how to have it all. Cherie Blair, last year, embodied that. The speaker series and other events (including career information nights with key firms) put on by Oxford Women in Business  and Oxford Women in Politics are worth keeping up to date with.

COMING UP next term we have self-defence workshops – pay attention to emails from me (they will be as infrequent as possible so you don’t end up despising me by the end of the year), places will be limited. I will be running other events (to be announced) as part of Equalities week, but most importantly please let me know any ideas you have, any issues you’d like addressed. I am here to better your experience of Queen’s, of Uni – any thoughts, no matter how small, are most welcome.


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