Gionata Vernice

Hey there! Welcome to The Queen’s College 🙂

I’m Gionata and I’ll be your one and only JCR President for your first year at Queen’s. The JCR is the collective of students and our committee is here to represent you and your ideas!

Congratulations on making it to Oxford !! It’s fundamental to acknowledge all the hard work you’ve put in thus far, from preparing for the interviews to sitting exams. You’ll soon be starting a new chapter in Queen’sand I wanted to take this opportunity to give you some insights and tips to make the most out of your time here 🙂

To this day, I still remember that feeling of excitement mixed with a little bit of uncertainty that realising I was going to the University of Oxford brought me! The JCR Committee and I have made this pack with the aim of minimising any doubts you may have about what to pack, accommodation, meals etc. and at the same time giving you a taste of what life at Queen’s is like!

What makes Oxford unique is the collegiate system. You’ll soon find yourself supported in a way that’s difficult to replicate elsewhere. Queen’s has a reputation for being one of the friendliest colleges at Oxford. During my time here, this has been nothing but true! On top of this, you’ll quickly feel a sense of belonging among the myriad of sports clubs, societies, and social events organised by Queen’s

Moving on to something that might have been on your mind recently: Fresher’s Week. This year’s JCR committee and I have meticulously crafted a timetable packed with both socials and academic events! I do hope you’ll end the week on a high note but due to its nature you might feel like your social battery has worn out. This is completely understandable and normal as you will be busy socialising at the events we organised for you, and you will also receive lots of important information from College (and from the University as well ).

My personal advice to you: go easy on yourself during this intensive week!
If you do feel overwhelmed at any point during freshers’ week, or more generally throughout term, I want you to know there is a whole designated Welfare team to support you and make you feel at ease, from myself to our down-to-earth Welfare Reps to our Chaplain to your Personal Tutor. The latter will be assigned to you and will be your first point of call in case you’re struggling with the academic workload. Remember, our top priority is ensuring your transition to university is the slickest it can be!

On a last note, I’m really excited to meet you all !!

All the best,


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