Accommodation at Queen’s is provided for the full length of undergraduate courses. Currently, freshers are given accommodation either in main college or in Carrodus Quad, an annex adjacent to main college. In later years students are also housed in the annexes St Aldates, Cardo and James Street.

The normal accommodation contracts only cover term time, so students are required to move in and out of their rooms at the end of each term. Normally students move into their accommodation on Wednesday of week 0, and leave on Friday evening or Saturday of week 8. Over the Christmas vacation, students are able to leave 3 boxes in their rooms, but over Easter all belongings must be removed. There is some other limited storage available for international students.

Vacation Residence

Vacation residence (or vac res as it’s more commonly known) is when students live in college accommodation outside of term time. There are various reasons why this may be needed, e.g. for sport training camps/pre-seasons, exams outside of term time, or for international students for whom travelling back home would be challenging. Students who wish to arrange vac res must apply to the domestic bursar’s office – for MT2020 this was done through an online form. The cost of vac res is (as of MT2020) £16.31 per night, which is batteled.

Extended Contracts

For those wanting to remain in Oxford for the whole year, there is the option of getting an extended contract. There are 2 extended contracts available, for either 37 or 39 weeks. For the year 2020-2021 the details of these are:

WeeksStart DateEnd DateFee

For more information about these contact the Domestic Bursar’s office.