[ms_row] [ms_column style=”1/2″ align=”left” class=”” id=””]Work Experience Opportunity shadowing a television researcher at The Connected Set

…a busy, hard-working production company. We make non-scripted content for terrestrial and digital broadcasters in the UK and internationally. We will invest our time helping someone with strong research skills, a creative brain and a passion for non-scripted television.

Please provide evidence of all three qualities when you email over a covering letter, CV and preferred dates to jessie@theconnectedset.com. 2-week placements, Shepherd’s Bush office, expenses only.

Available dates: first two weeks of December, first two weeks of January, second two weeks of January.

This shadowing opportunity is open to current undergraduate and postgraduate students of all subjects keen to gain insight into the television production industry. [/ms_column] [/ms_row]

[ms_row] [ms_column style=”2/3″ align=”right” class=”” id=””]The Cambridge Humanities Review is recruiting!

‘In the words of celebrated writer Robert Macfarlane: ‘The Cambridge Humanities Review (CHR) is a very impressive young magazine, distinguished by me for its combination of intellectual seriousness, adventure and diversity.’ We’re a termly journal run by undergraduate and postgraduate students across Oxford and Cambridge, and we cover topics as diverse as the music of Lana Del Rey, the poetry of J.H. Prynne, and the letters of Hugh Trevor-Roper.

We are currently recruiting for new team members, especially in developing our programme of events, website, social media and sponsorship. If you feel like getting involved, please email daniel.matore@new.ox.ac.uk. For those interested in sponsorship in particular, email jennifer.allan@stcatz.ox.ac.uk. Even if you have zero experience, why not try something new? We’d love to hear from you!

If you want to find out more about subscription (only £5 for a year!), you can email us or go to our website for more info!


www.twitter.com/CambridgeChr[/ms_column] [/ms_row]