The College offers various opportunities for getting funding and financial assistance. These are mostly designed for specific purposes, such as funding an activity, but more details can be found below.

Financial Assistance

  • This is for severe financial hardship
  • You will need to disclose all sources of income/assets and expenditures, as well as a supporting statement about why you need assistance, e.g. if you cannot live at home free of charge in the holidays, or if your parents cannot contribute to maintenance costs
  • Guidance
  • Form

Academic support grant

  • This is for costs associated with your study, e.g. conference attendance, travel, books, printing, accomodation for exams.
  • The college gives out a maximum of £390 per year per student.
  • Send the form to the academic administrator ( by 12pm on Wednesday of 2nd and 6th weeks of each term.

Book grant

  • This will refund 50% of essential texts you have bought for study, with a maximum £100 per year per student.
  • The 1341 Society will fund an additional 25% (i.e. to a maximum of £50) thus you could get £150, if the total cost of books was over £200.
  • Send the form to the academic administrator ( by 12pm on Wednesday of 2nd and 6th weeks of each term.

Long distance travel grant

  • This is from students with Home status, who live 125+ miles from Queen’s.
  • £100 per term for travel costs.
  • This should automatically be deducted from your battels if you are eligible.


  • This fund covers part of the cost of sports subscription.
  • Money is divided between those who apply, thus the amount given may vary from year to year.
  • The deadline for this is Wednesday 6th week of Trinity term.
  • Form
  • If you play Blues sport you can be awarded a £150 grant (with Half Blues receiving £75) which is batteled to you in Trinity term.

Learning languages via the language centre

  • If you do the fast-track language scheme and complete the course by the end of Trinity, the College may reimburse half of the cost.
  • Complete this form at the start of the year to be eligible.

650th Anniversary Fund

  • This fund offers £150-500 for cultural and sporting activities
  • Applications open at start of the calendar year.
  • More information